Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Everything that You Need to Know About Self Employed Loans


There are a large number of self employed contractors and workers who are often found to be very happy considering the fact that they have their own business and are their own bosses. However, the same individuals are completely dulled when they realise that they have actually decreased their chances of securing a loan due to the fact that they have left full time employment.

Why Self Employed Individuals are not Assisted Financially by the Loan Companies?

There are many lending organisations that are not willing to offer loans to self employed individuals. This is mainly because their new mode of job does not sit very well with these companies which are mainly financial organisations and banks. This is because the self employed individuals are looked upon by such companies as less reliable individuals in comparison to the people who are regularly waged.

This whole thing has been very frustrating for the self employed business men or the home-based workers who sometime earn more than the regularly salaried individuals. It is nothing but old prejudice that exists among the lenders. However, these days, there is hope for the self employed contractors and workers with a new breed of loan brokers competing for business with old lenders and banks.

New Criteria for Offering Loans to the Self Employed

There are lending organisations that specialise in self employed loans for individuals in the contracting and freelance sector and even for the ones who have their own business. These companies or lending organisations offer loans for self employed only after going through their annualized income history, their work records and the history of the companies they are working for.

The companies come up with their decisions of lending money based on these new criteria rather than going for the old prejudices. However, for the ones who are completely new to such loans, it is better to go for Loan broker services. Brokers are well-informed about loans that best work for the self employed individuals.

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